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by Julie on Aug 26, 2015

Pedals and Knee Trouble

hello wonderful women! i've been having knee problems with my new, custom-made road ride. i've actually had the bike for almost a year, and really do work with a pretty great LBS. the owner of my LBS suggested that i change out the pedals, and try the pedals on my older road bike since i don't experience knee trouble when pedaling it. those pedals are LOOK road pedals. on my newer bike i have 2-sided SPDs. i put the SPDs on because I wanted to be able to do long-distance riding, AND walk easily when off the bike. i had originally intended to put crank brothers eggbeaters on the bike (as suggested by pamela blalock, randonneur extraordinaire). but, i think i got talked out of those for some reason. i really do think that my LBS is a good shop, and that they'll help me to make everything right. but, thought i'd ask for some help from you all, too. at least having some additional ideas/questions when i go into the shop after trying out the pedal switch. i don't really want to put road pedals on this bike. but i'm willing to see if there is a difference.thanks a bunch everyone, julie

by Jessica on Aug 26, 2015

Job Roundup, 8/26/15

1. Jarrett Walker and Associates is hiring a Senior Associate. May work in Portland, Bay Area, or Northeast (DC-NYC corridor). Source: Emailed directly to me.2. MNDOT is hiring a Safe Routes to School Coordinator. St. Paul, MN. Source: list serve3. City of Chicago is hiring a Traffic Engineer V - Innovative Traffic Design. Chicago, IL. Search on this page for job number 265104. Source: Emailed directly to me.4. New positions at Alta Planning + Design: Senior Engineer (San Diego, CA), GIS Analyst II and Engineer I (Oakland, CA), and Senior Planning Associate and Planner I (Sacramento, CA). Source: me.5. OSU is hiring a Transportation Options Coordinator. Go to and search for posting 0015719. Corvallis, OR. Source: emailed directly to me.6. DART is hiring a Planner II - Innovative Services. Dallas, TX. Source: CUTR TDM list serve.7. HTNB is hiring a Project Administrator for Georgia Commute Options. Atlanta, GA. Source: CUTR TDM list serve.8. PCC is hiring a part-time Active Transportation Coordinator. You have to create a login for this website to see it. Portland, OR. Source: emailed directly to me.

by Eddee on Aug 26, 2015

Looking for women interested in Tiny House Community building!

Good MorningThought I would just reach out and see if there are women out there interested in building a Tiny House, Have a tiny House, want to build a community by having a tiny house on their property and/or being a part of a community supporting people that want to cut their carbon tiny house will include a built in garage for the bike (of course).

by Carrie on Aug 26, 2015

Dealing with Road Rage

My own. Since the occurrence of three major car/bike accidents near my normal riding routes (including the fatality of a cyclist at one intersection), I'm really having a hard time just letting potentially fatal bad driving behavior just roll off my back. And it's impacting the joy of my daily bike commute :(.I realized it was getting bad when I had a verbal exchange with the driver of a semi-truck (who had cut me off) while waiting for a light to turn green at an intersection. A driver of a vehicle with wheels bigger than myself. While I don't want to let driving texters 'get away with it', I also don't want to be a one person policing vigilante either. Ideas for trying not to notice it so much anymore?Carrie

by Kelley on Aug 26, 2015

Washington DC Cool Bike Jobs

BIKE ADVOCACY JOBS! WABA's hiring two, soon-to-be three positions, who will help carry out our strategic plan and make our region a top bike-friendly city in the world. We need diverse backgrounds and perspectives, new energy, new ideas, and more women involved.Check out our part-time D.C. Bike Ambassador position:…/…/hiring-part-time-dc-bike-ambassador/And our full-time Advocacy Director position:…/2…/08/work-for-waba-advocacy-director/‪

by Kelley on Aug 26, 2015

Education Program Manager lead Phoenix Bikes' dynamic youth program, including supervising students ages 12-17 and volunteers of all ages at a community bike shop; implementing, strengthening, and staffing new youth programs at schools, low income apartment complexes, and community centers; representing Phoenix Bikes at school and community events; collecting and reporting program metrics; contributing articles for the monthly newsletter; and securing grant funding for programs. Reports to Executive Director.For complete listing, go to link

by Katie on Aug 25, 2015

Job Opening- Trails Coordinator

The County of Lassen in Northern California is hiring a Trails Coordinator! Live in a gorgeous place, take care of the region's trails, and be part of the bike/ped movement. General info here: description here:'m not the contact for this position- just passing it along- but I can connect you with some relevant folks at the County of Lassen if you're thinking about applying. Message me!)

by Lindsay on Aug 24, 2015

I need PDX Handywoman...

....that has experience working with windows. Hit me up with referrals!!

by Alice on Aug 24, 2015

Women's starter bike in PDX?

I just moved to Portland and am looking to start biking to work. Anyone have a bike they are looking to pass on. I'm not an experienced rider, so not looking for something fancy- just functional.

by Sally on Aug 21, 2015

Post-pregnancy: getting back on the saddle?

Hi ladies,I'm 35 weeks pregnant with my first, a baby girl. I continued to commute by bike until somewhere around 30 weeks. I stopped more because of the heat than anything with the bike — cycling was feeling great!I CAN'T WAIT to get back on the bike again after baby comes, and I'd love to hear from any moms about how long until they felt ready to ride again post-birth. As all-things-pregnancy, of course the answer is "it depends" but I'd still love to hear how it was for you. With the trauma to the body that birth can cause (especially to the poor undercarriage) any tips or expectation-setting is a big help. I have 3 months maternity leave, so I can ease in really slow.Thanks so much! :)Sally

by Amy on Aug 18, 2015

Seeking Safe Bike Storage in PDX

Does anyone know of or wish to offer to store my bicycle and burley bee for six months to a year starting soon? Thanks, Amy.

by Jessica on Aug 17, 2015

Job Roundup, 8/17/15

1. Complete Streets Coalition hiring an Executive Director. Washington, DC. Source: list serve.2. MTA is hiring a Livable Streets Director. San Francisco, CA. Source: emailed directly to me.3. SANDAG is hiring a Senior Transportation Engineer to work on the Regional Bike Plan's $200 million Early Action Program. San Diego, CA. Source: list serve.4. The City of Santa Monica is hiring a Transportation Management Specialist. Santa Monica, CA. Source: CUTR TDM list serve.5. WalkSacramento is hiring an Executive Director. Sacramento, CA. Source: NACTO job board.6. Bike Fort Collins is hiring an Executive Director. Fort Collins, CO. Source: Alliance for Biking and Walking job board. 7. BikeWalkKC is hiring part-time youth instructors. Kansas City, MO. Source: Alliance for Biking and Walking job board.8. The Boston Cyclists' Union is hiring an Executive Director. Boston area, MA. Source: Alliance for Biking and Walking job board. 9. ClimatePlan is hiring a Policy Manager. Oakland or Sacramento, CA. Source: Streetsblog jobs board.10. The City of Santa Monica is hiring a Bikeshare Coordinator. Santa Monica, CA. Source: Streetsblog jobs board.11. The City of Beverly Hills is hiring a Transportation Planning Analyst. Beverly Hills, CA. Source: Streetsblog jobs board.

by Glenda on Aug 14, 2015

ladies' Coffee Ride - Minneapolis, MN

A perfect morning: Coffee, Conversation & CyclingIf you live in the Twin Cities join us on Saturday, August 22nd at 9:00 a.m. for a 22 mile ride through Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Lovely lakes, level paths, and great company. Saturday, August 229 - 11 (approximately 2 hours)Meeting at Starbucks in Highland Park2078 Ford Parkway, Saint Paul, Minnesota 55116For more information visit the SPIRIT Athleticwear website.

by Emma on Aug 12, 2015

Mountain Bike Advice

Hello,I'd like advice on choosing a mountain bike. I'm trying to get into mountain biking (for recreation, maybe eventually dirt touring), and I want a good beginner mountain bike. My budget is $1000, but I could go up to $1500. What to look for in a mountain bike would also be helpful, thanks!

by Laura on Aug 12, 2015

Any women specific events going on at Interbike?

Hi!We here at Nuu-Muu are interested in going to Interbike and participating in and supporting women's events. I am on the site and can't seem to find anything. Thanks for bringing us in to play and participate with women!Ride on,Laura

by Megan on Aug 11, 2015

Visiting Atlanta or Athens soon? Use Bikabout's city guide!

Hey ladies! I just returned from an inspiration visit "home" to Atlanta and Athens, GA and my how the cities are changing for the better!If you plan a visit there, please feel free to use Bikabout's city guide to find bikes, airbnbs, hotels, bike friendly transportation or fun routes curated by locals.We also gather a list of local favorite eats, drinks and sights in Pinterest and Foursquare.Happy wandering by bike!

by RawKale on Aug 10, 2015

Bike to Bike!Bike!

Greetings, y'all. I am biking from Austin, TX to Guadalajara for the month of September to arrive for Bike!Bike! It's the super awesome bicycle co op and social change conference. can YOU offer tips and tricks for cycling through the southland? Does this peak your interest? Let's communicate.

by Rachel on Aug 09, 2015

Any biking ladies in Savannah, Georgia?

I'm going to be in Savannah next week for a conference next week. It will be my first time visiting, and I'd love to connect with anyone there if possible!

by Sally on Aug 07, 2015

quick trip to Chicago

We'll be in Chicago for a couple of day in mid-October and would appreciate any bike-friendly advice. We might bring our folding bikes but will likely use a combo of Divy for on and off biking and a day-long bike rental for a longer day (Lakeshore path perhaps). I'm looking at airbnbs now to book. What are good neighborhoods, safe and bike friendly. Any other advice? Thanks!

by Ginger on Aug 06, 2015

Hiring: Events Manager for Bike East Bay

Bike East Bay is seeking a full-time Events Manager to take events like Bike to Work Day and Pedalfest to the next level. Ideal candidate has experience securing sponsorships and managing business partnerships. We're a rapidly growing non-profit bike advocacy organization based in Oakland, California.Please have a look at the full posting here: Process:Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and resume to Executive Director Renee Rivera via email Renee [ at ] BikeEastBay [ dot ] org. Please include “Events Manager” and your name in the subject line. No phone calls please. Applications accepted until position filled.

by Lindsay on Aug 06, 2015

Speaker Needed: Solo Adventures and Fear

I need some leads for a speaker that can talk about women, solo adventures and overcoming fear. Leads, anyone?

by Sheri on Aug 02, 2015

Planning a trip to ride the George Mickelson Trail

Going to S. Dakota next month. Planning to stay in Custer and ride the Micleson Trail. Also have a couple of days to hike. Anyone have advice on what to see and do? Also where to stay? Thanks for recommendations.

by Katie on Jul 31, 2015

RTC's Share The Trail campaign

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy launched the Share The Trail campaign earlier this month. The campaign is rooted in courtesy and compassion and offers etiquette tips for respectful trail behavior.I have two asks-1. Your feedback. What elements really work for you? What is missing? What would you like to see more of? 2. Share the campaign. You can download the memes from the Resources page. Get the word out to your networks and audiences! If you'd like to be more involved in this campaign, please let me know! Email me at

by Ariah on Jul 29, 2015

1970s 3-speed step-though Robin Hood for sale in Seattle

I have to downsize my bike collection, so I am selling my 3-speed Robin Hood (Made in Nottingham England by Robin Hood, a branch of Raleigh).1970s 3-speed step-through, fenders, original seat and badge, internal hub all in good shape.Good for someone 5'8" to 6'0". $25 discount for Wheelwomen.

by Heather on Jul 28, 2015

Learn-to-Ride resources/curriculum

We here in Detroit at Back Alley Bikes want to start teaching people how to ride bikes in class setting, probably 1-on-1 or small group style. I'm not having much luck finding existing curriclums or other orgs that do that, so I'd thought I'd put it out here. Any resources we should check out (besides LMB and cycling instructor classes- which are, quite frankly, over priced and literally never in our part of the country).We want to tailor offerings to youth (just learning) and adults (who maybe never learned) as well as folks who haven't ridden in awhile. We have space, bikes, helmets, and people, just need some curriculum.

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