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by Sheri on Aug 02, 2015

Planning a trip to ride the George Mickelson Trail

Going to S. Dakota next month. Planning to stay in Custer and ride the Micleson Trail. Also have a couple of days to hike. Anyone have advice on what to see and do? Also where to stay? Thanks for recommendations.

by Katie on Jul 31, 2015

RTC's Share The Trail campaign

Rails-to-Trails Conservancy launched the Share The Trail campaign earlier this month. The campaign is rooted in courtesy and compassion and offers etiquette tips for respectful trail behavior.I have two asks-1. Your feedback. What elements really work for you? What is missing? What would you like to see more of? 2. Share the campaign. You can download the memes from the Resources page. Get the word out to your networks and audiences! If you'd like to be more involved in this campaign, please let me know! Email me at

by Ariah on Jul 29, 2015

1970s 3-speed step-though Robin Hood for sale in Seattle

I have to downsize my bike collection, so I am selling my 3-speed Robin Hood (Made in Nottingham England by Robin Hood, a branch of Raleigh).1970s 3-speed step-through, fenders, original seat and badge, internal hub all in good shape.Good for someone 5'8" to 6'0". $25 discount for Wheelwomen.

by Heather on Jul 28, 2015

Learn-to-Ride resources/curriculum

We here in Detroit at Back Alley Bikes want to start teaching people how to ride bikes in class setting, probably 1-on-1 or small group style. I'm not having much luck finding existing curriclums or other orgs that do that, so I'd thought I'd put it out here. Any resources we should check out (besides LMB and cycling instructor classes- which are, quite frankly, over priced and literally never in our part of the country).We want to tailor offerings to youth (just learning) and adults (who maybe never learned) as well as folks who haven't ridden in awhile. We have space, bikes, helmets, and people, just need some curriculum.

by Reid on Jul 28, 2015

Reid Miller Apparel Kickstarter and Tour Info

Hello Biking Ladies,Last week I launched my Kickstarter Campaign for REID MILLER Apparel (follow link here)! REID MILLER Apparel is a line of stylish staples for the biking woman. The campaign goal is to raise enough $$ to begin production of the initial line of apparel by Aug 23rd. I am touring with the line and would love to meet the biking ladies behind Wheelwomen (see below tour dates). Please check the Kickstarter page here for up-to-date details.Oakland, CA - Oakland Pedalfest Jack London Square – Saturday, July 25th, 11am-7pm San Francisco, CA - Mojo Bicycle Cafe - Tuesday, July 28th, 7-9pm Portland, CA – Velo Cult - Thursday, July 30th, 7-9pmSeattle, WA –  Dutch Bike Co. -  Sat, Aug 1st, 5-7pm Austin, TX  – Bicycle Sport Shop? -  Wednesday evening TBD, Aug 5th Brooklyn, NY  – Ride Brooklyn? - Tuesday, Aug 11thWashington, DC  – Bicycle Space, Adams Morgan - Thursday, Aug 13th, 6-8pmRaleigh, NC – Oak City Cycling – Thursday, Aug 20th exact date TBD Thank you for your support! I hope to meet some of you very soon. Sincerely,Reid

by Becky on Jul 27, 2015

Help me Kickstart my cycling jerseys!

SASSYCYCLIST is a woman-owned start-up created to design a better-fitting, comfortable, and stylish cycling jersey for women, like us, who love to ride. They're gorgeous, very comfy, and fit true to size!If you like to get a jump on a jersey, support a small business, or just check us out, please see our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you! regards, Becky Redett (owner)

by Amy on Jul 25, 2015

Flat Tires on Bicycles

Is there such a thing as a tire that does not get as many flats as tires usually get. Secondly, I have an uncomfortable feeling in my gut when I think about changing a tire on a bicycle because of all of the white powdery stuff because I have really bad asthma. Hence I am wondering if anyone knows of a tire that does not have that white powdery stuff in it. Thanks so much.

by Bicycledreaming on Jul 23, 2015

Housing for Bikeway Design 1.0 for San Diego Bike Advocate

I am attending Bikeway Design 1.0 seminar at Portland State University July 25-30. I was wondering if anyone close to the university could host me for 4 nights. I could reciprocate if you (or anyone you know) were thinking of coming to the California Bike Summit ( I am on a very tight budget. A ramen noodle budget -- really I do not like those little dried ramen noodle packages, but I like the sound of the words 'ramen noodle' especially if you say them fast. Anyway hope you can help.Kind regards,Judi TentorVice Chair San Diego County Bicycle Coalitionjudi@bicycledreaming.com858-243-5394

by Jodi on Jul 23, 2015

Portland - beloved bike stolen

Passing this along from Facebook for the Portland, OR peeps out there in case this bike, or various parts, are spotted.The original post, with more pics, is here.Note: I don't know Megan personally. Just trying to help her get her bike back.==================As many of you know, I just rode across country from Washington DC to Portland OR. My 2nd to last day visiting Portland, my touring bike, that I built myself, was stolen this morning sometime before 8am PST on west Burnside St (NW). I am absolutely heartbroken. I dont have many friends/connections here in Portland but posting this anyway to get the word out for those who are nearby. If you know people in Portland or surrounding area, please tag. Could be already in the marketplace or several weeks before the culprit sells it.Details:Surly - Long Haul Trucker Black 46cm frame26'' wheels (Continental Tour Ride)Honey colored Brooks leather saddle (possibly under black seat cover) and matching tan handlebar tapeTeal cable housingHeadset has a unique spacer thats a lime green beer bottle openerShimano bar end shiftersBlack front rack (old man mountain) and back rack **the front rack cannot be removed unless they find a new quick release for hub mounting**Front and back Planet Bike fenders **with lots of bright yellow reflective stickers**The right of the top tube only says "Trucker" on it (compared to all/most LHT bc I scratched it off).27 speed. Large chain ring is black, middle and small are silver.Pedals are MKS step-in **flat on one side, clips on the other**I had a nameplate on the back fender that said "Megan" from Natural Bridge, VA but likely was removed.Unfortunately I dont have many pics of the bike unloaded because I finished building just before the trip.Portland police case 15-248109

by Becky on Jul 22, 2015

Looking for a gorgeous and comfortable cycling jersey?

SASSYCYCLIST is a woman-owned start-up created to design a better-fitting, comfortable, and stylish cycling jersey for women, like us, who love to ride.If you like to get a jump on a jersey, support a small business, or just check us out, please see our Kickstarter campaign. Thank you! Kind regards, Becky Redett (owner)Kickstarter Campaign:

by Katie on Jul 20, 2015

Bike Job- Multimedia Content Specialist (Rails-to-Trails Conservancy)

Are you a design guru + lover of bikes? Do you want to work for one of the nation's best trails, biking and walking advocacy groups? Does a position in Washington D.C. sound like a perfect fit? This might be the perfect job for you!Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is hiring a Multimedia Content Specialist. The specialist will be responsible for producing graphic art, design, infographics and other visual materials for outreach, marketing, promotions and publications through a variety of media channels such as print, video and electronic deliveries. This position also maintains the RTC Brand, serving as both a creative voice andwatchdog to ensure consistency throughout RTC’s print and digital design portfolio. The specialist will also develop and manage a robust, searchable database of photos and images. He or she will be responsible for taking projects from conception through to completion including: conceptualizing design; generating layout; working with departments to refine and hone products; creating/finding/procuring art and other images; preparing files for print/online publishing; working with editors; and, acquiring bids from printers/publishers.

by Sandra on Jul 20, 2015

European Adventure: connect me with cool people and places

Hello all for the last year and a half I have been living and working in San Diego, CA as a bike advocate and project coordinator for DecoBike.  I’ve decided to take a sabbatical and will be traveling Europe for about 3 months starting in September. I plan to stay in Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, and Lisbon. I will add a few more countries and cities to this list as I am still planning my itinerary. I would like to connect with as many locals, bicyclists, urban planners, place makers, dreamers, artist, dancers, or just cool people, while on my trip. I would like to do a bit of research and interviews while traveling, focusing on urban planning  and activism as it relates to public space, place making, bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and art. If anyone knows of, has connections, or recommendations of people or places I can connect with while on my trip that would be amazing. I will be biking a lot while on my trip and will blog about my adventure.  Any tips or connections would be greatly appriciated!

by Robin on Jul 19, 2015

Pedal Chic hiring/expanding

Award winning Pedal Chic - the country's first women-centric bike shop is growing and hiring for 3 key positions for our Greenville, SC store:Operations ManagerFloor Team LeaderBike Shop Retail SalesECommerce Team LeaderGreenville, SC is listed on many of places to live/visit such as Forbes top downtown, Conde Nast best places to visit in the world for 2015, etc. www.visitgreenvillesc.comIf interested, please email and a link to full job descriptions/application will be sent!

by Alaïa on Jul 15, 2015

seeking PDX womens' cycling group/rides

Hello, ladies! I'm based in Portland and have just gotten strong at longer recreational rides (mostly on a road bike but some gravel). Up to this point, I've been doing them solo or with my boyfriend. He's the only person I know who can keep up! That's not to say I ride at Olympic pace, just that none of my friends are into going the distance...I'm looking for riding partners and/or an established group to join for these excursions. I've come across the Sorella Forte group; anyone have experience riding with them? Anyone have suggestions for other groups, or resources for finding one? Google has yielded little. Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks :)

by Carolyn on Jul 14, 2015

Advice on starting a women's adventure touring network?

Where else better to come to ask my question than the great Women of the Wheel! It's really great to see the rise in women's specific bicycle clubs/teams/networks, etc. Here in Portland,OR, Women on Wheels (focused on active transportation) and Let's Race Bikes (focused on getting women racing) spring to mind.Since there are so many different riding styles out there, there's always room for one more!Mine is what I like to call "adventure touring"-- somewhere between bike touring and bikepacking. I like to ride up and over mountains, mostly over dirt and gravel roads and jeep tracks, and there's lots of good stuff like that to be had in the PNW. I know as more women have been getting into bike touring, there are also more wanting to take it up a notch, but may be intimidated by the fairly "brode-o" scene that "bikepacking" conjures up, or the need for lots of specialty equipment. I got inspired to do this when I dragged another lady up and over mountains over dirt and gravel roads with me. She was definitely a fitter cyclist (she was good about waiting for me at the top of the hills and I waited for her at the bottom of the descents), but this was the first time she had even really gotten "dirty" and she was kinda nervous about it. I always figure that if I can ride this stuff, anyone who wants to can. (Sheer determination can really power those legs!) Anyhow, for those of you, wherever you are and whatever your cycling style, who have started up some type of women's group/club/network/event, I would love to hear some of your tips and lessons learned. As an introvert by nature, and as having recently moved back here after several years away, I don't know a lot of people firsthand. I'm not looking to start anything huge, just a loose network of women who are into this kind of cycling so we have a pool of people we can always look to for riding partners/cycling trips. I am a consummate route planner (if I do so say myself!), so I am willing to take the lead in designing some trips, but am also totally happy to share the fun! Please feel free to comment below or message me, if you prefer. Here's a list of general questions I have, or just tell me anything you like about organizing.-Is your group mainly internet-based? (FB, google groups, website?-How often do you plan rides/events?- How often do you meet up for social/planning events?- Do you find one person generally plans trips/events or is it even spread among the group?Most important: What are some of the best tips for finding/connecting with your PALs? (PS. I think I'm going to name the group "Portland Adventure Ladies" ; )And I'll be back here with a more official announcement, based on your feedback and tips!!Thanks, as always, to this amazing group of women!!Carolyn

by Rebecca on Jul 10, 2015

Bike in Boston/Somerville?

Hey all,I'll be up in Boston for a couple weeks in August, and trying to figure out if I can bike commute while I'm up there. I basically need a bike for 6 days in a 2-week period. Spinlister is EXPENSIVE! I can and probably will use hubway, but I find the bikes a bit large for me (I'm 5'1"). Any suggestions or possible loans? I could trade for my bike in Brooklyn while I'm away!Thanks!Bec

by Sara on Jul 10, 2015

Hubway in Boston Hiring for Multiple Positions

Hubway is Metro-Boston’s self-service bike share system. As of 2015, Motivate operates approximately 1300 bikes at over 140 stations in the Hubway region, including Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, and Somerville. Hubway is a convenient, sustainable, healthy, community-based transport option that enhances urban livability and mobility, and is accessible to residents, students, and visitors alike.We're currently hiring for:Part Time Bicycle Valet - Motivate is seeking friendly and team-oriented Valets to assist customers as they return bicycles to stations during peak-hours. Bicycle Valets keep bicycles organized and secured when a surplus of bicycles must be corralled near stations. Bicycle Valets also assist Rebalancers in loading bicycles on vans to be distributed elsewhere in the system.Field Bike Technicians - Motivate is seeking experienced Field Bike Technicians to help with all aspects of bicycle assembly, maintenance, and repair. Training on technical and unique aspects of Hubway bikes will be provided. Field Bike Technicians will ride between stations to provide on the spot maintenance and technical assistance to help ensure the safe and efficient operation of the Hubway system. On-Call Rebalancers - Hubway is seeking qualified individuals to help with all aspects of bicycle redistribution throughout the Boston-metro area. The Hubway Rebalancing Team maintains optimal numbers of available bikes and docks for our members. All job postings can be found at:!

by Elly on Jul 10, 2015

Feminist bicycle sci-fi about zombies, now on Kickstarter

Hey all,Pedal Zombies, the third annual volume of short stories in the Bikes in Space series, featuring a number of Wheelwomen authors, is now funding on Kickstarter! We're upping the game with this one, seeking to raise $6,000 so we can pay contributors more than just a token. Everything we raise over expenses goes to keep intrepid science fiction writers in beer, ice cream cones, pinball, old pulp novels, rent, or whatever fuels their creative imaginations.Please check it out and tell the world. Thanks!Elly

by Nancy on Jul 10, 2015

A new cycling backpack that makes commuting easier on Kickstarter. Help spread the word!

Hi Ladies!I spent the last year designing a female friendly backpack for cyclists. It features a pocket along the bag's back padding (like a cycling jersey), so that you can access your phone or wallet without ever having to take off the bag. This is amazing if you ever find yourself without pockets - ladies, you know what I'm talking about!It's made of an ultra durable 1050 denier ballistic nylon, is water resistant, and is fully padded in the back and shoulders. A side zippered pocket makes accessing your bike lock equally as convenient. It's just 16 ounces, and 16 L in size. If you are tired of giant messenger bags, 4lb roll tops, or just the fact that your ladies pants never have functional pockets, please check this out. Funding ends on July 23rd. We're almost there, but really need one big final push to get this into production. If we're funded, we'll be able to make these right here in the USA, and source from local suppliers where possible.If you can, please help us spread the word by FB post or tweet (@blackkitecyclin), or just by telling your friends. :)'m giving out homemade cookies tonight at the Oakland Bike Party if anyone wants to come, say hello, and check out the bag!Thanks so much!Nancynancy [at]

by Liza on Jul 08, 2015

International Planning Programs?

Hello Wheelwomen! For the past two years, I've had the extreme pleasure of kicking off my career in active transportation as a full time bicycle advocate in Newport, Rhode Island. I want to take it to the next level by getting a Masters degree in transportation planning. I'd REALLY love to:A) Go back to schooland B) Live outside the U.S. the same time! The final caveat is that the school has to be coastal, as my partner is an ocean scientist. University of British Colombia is currently my top choice, but I've been struggling to find other programs out there. Does anybody have any experience or advice? Is getting a degree in planning in another country even a good idea if I plan to move back and work in the U.S. some day?

by Linda on Jul 06, 2015

Seeking Bicycle/Fitness Related Jobs

I received my American Council on Exercise personal trainer certification in May 2015. I am passionate about bicycling and want to find a job in the Washington, DC, area where I can apply my skills. I am a retired public affairs specialist with the US Department of Agriculture. Any suggestions for potential positions?

by Janette on Jul 02, 2015

Corbett Parade on July 4th will disrupt traffic

Trying to get the word out to bicycling community that Corbett Parade is going on again on the 4th of July. Main streets from Springdale to Corbett will pretty much be blocked from around 9:30 am-12:30 pm. The cars understand but the bike riders get so upset. Please plan your route accordingly, or stay to enjoy the festivities!

by Jenny on Jul 01, 2015

Bike Mechanic Position for Awesome Community Programs in Boston!

Boston Bikes seeks a Bicycle Mechanic/Cycling Instructor to support bicycle repairs, maintenance, and preparations for all Community Cycling Programs, as well as to assist with youth and adult bicycle education. The mechanic/instructor will repair and refurbish donated bicycles, ensure that every bicycle that exits the shop is safe, manage the shop, size people for bikes, assist with transporting bikes by truck, and teach others about bike maintenance. This position will also provide some in-classroom and on-the-bike youth and adult cycling educational programming at Boston Public Schools and other community locations.  The position is year-round; intended to be full time with benefits pending approval. Learn more about Boston Bikes and the open position here:

by Eddee on Jul 01, 2015

Portland housing share!

Great bicycling house share!moving to Portland Oregon?Available July 15, 2015Master bedroom with its own Sunporch available in large two-bedroom apartment (in turn of the century home with great front porch sitting), lots of windows, fully furnished, beautiful wood floors!I am seeking one respectful, responsible, non-smoking adult female with reliable income to share my SE Hawthorne neighborhood home.I am a kind female, small business owner, artist and bike rider. I don't own a TV (but watch Netflix on my computer). This is a gay-friendly home in a quiet residential area, and great neighbors (the landlord).$700 includes one furnished bedroom and the great sun porch/office-sitting room! Washer dryer on site (free).My friendly small dog (7lbs) is looking forward to a new roomy that likes to cuddle! Our last roomy left to go live with her boyfriend.Sorry no more animals. Good chemistry a must. Street parking is available, plus a small amount of garage storage for your bike- use of clothes washer and dryer included.This is a very convenient location to downtown, bike streets, parks, restaurants, food carts, grocery, coffee, pubs...just south of Hawthorne and north of Division on a bike street! Access is easy to I-205, downtown and bus lines. It's close to great grocery stores like New Seasons, Fred Meyer with very short ride to Reed and OHSU as well as trendy Division and Hawthorne streets.Great inner SE location on quiet street in Richmond neighborhood: Bike downtown via Clinton St. Or Lincoln, walk to coffee at Stumptown or a movie at the Bagdad, browse the shelves at Powell's or grab lunch with friends at nearby Cibo, Xico, SenYai, Bollywood Theatre or the fantastic food get the idea! Great location!Treat your out-of-town guests to dinner at The Woodsman, Lauro or Pok Pok after dinner ice cream at Salt&Straw! Live it up-everything is here!How to qualify: Send me a response about yourself & what you're looking for. If you sound like a good fit lets meet.~ Available July 15~ Rent: $700 per month~ Shared utilities: $50 - $150 per month depending on the season~ deposit equal to one month's rent.~ No pets, no smoking For more information and photos, email me and tell me about yourself!ReferencesThanks for sharing!Eddee

by Lucy on Jun 25, 2015

Bike Friendly Roommate

Hello I am in need of a roommate! I live in San Diego near Balboa Park in Normal Heights. I have a room available in my two bedroom apartment. Great location and very Bikeable to all the great San Diego destinations! I posted on craiglist but wanted to look for a roommate who is a bicyclist. Send me a message if interested. $625 1 bedroom with your own bathroom! Great price for location!

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