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by Britt on Jun 27, 2016

The Hub of Detroit Hiring Retail Manager

The Hub of Detroit is seeking an awesome individual to take over The Hub of Detroit's retail management. The Hub of Detroit is a full service retail  bike shop located in the Cass Corridor that is a wholly owned retail subsidiary of the non-profit community bike shop, Back Alley Bikes.  The job is up on our website here. 

by Saara on Jun 25, 2016

Seeking Roommate for Pro Walk Pro Bike

Are you planning on going to Pro Walk Pro Bike and don't have a place to stay yet? I've reserved a hotel room at the conference hotel and am looking for a roommate or two. Its $155 U.S. dollars and I reserved it for the nights of Sept 12 - 14. Let me know if you're interested!

by Anna on Jun 24, 2016

Job: Transportation Demand Management Coordinator and Bicycle Manager

Indiana University, Bloomington Indiana is hiring a Transportation Demand Management Coordinator and Bicycle Manager. Closing date is 6/30.

by Melinda on Jun 24, 2016

Community Cycling Center hiring a bicycle mechanic

Hi all, the Community Cycling Center is hiring a bicycle mechanic. The Bicycle Mechanic is responsible for supporting the mission of the Community Cycling Center, including assessing and repairing bicycles and working with our community in fundraising and education work. For more details, check out our site!

by Laura on Jun 23, 2016

Hiring: Executive Director, Bike Walk CT

Bike Walk Connecticut is hiring an Executive Director.  Learn more and apply at Bike Walk CT is a member-supported nonprofit organization that works to make Connecticut a better place to bike and walk.

by Barb on Jun 20, 2016

Policy jobs at Cascade Bicycle Club/WA Bikes; apply by 6/29

We have two openings in our Policy Department. Both positions will involve work for Cascade Bicycle Club, a 501c3, and for Washington Bikes, a 501c4 that includes candidate endorsements in its activities. Both organizations work statewide. Washington Bikes has always been statewide; we're just updating the Cascade strategic plan and looking at what it will mean to serve as a statewide resource hub. We have a fantastic team and are especially interested in candidates who bring a background that is underrepresented in the bike industry and bicycle advocacy.  Details and how to apply: Apps due 6/29/16.

by Jessica on Jun 09, 2016

Job Roundup, 6/9/16

Hi - this is a cross-post of messages I regularly send to the Bike Equity Network. These are jobs I come across through my social media and list serve channels and is not meant to represent a comprehensive roundup. 1. Rails-to-Trails Conservancy is hiring a Trail Planner. Washington, DC. Source: Wheelwomen Switchboard 2. The City of Charlotte is hiring a Bicycle Program Coordinator. Charlotte, NC. Source: emailed to me 3. Explore Washington Park is hiring a Program Manager. Portland, OR. Source: emailed to me 4. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is hiring an Executive Director. SF, CA. Source: NACTO job board 5. Downtown Austin Alliance is hiring a VP of Mobility. Austin, TX. Source: NACTO job board 6. YMCA of San Francisco is hiring a Bike Camp Counselor/YBike Program Staff. San Francisco, CA. Source: Twitter user @sfbike 7. Walk SF is hiring for two positions, a Family and Schools Program Coordinator and a Neighborhood Organizer. SF, CA. Source: Twitter user @walksf

by One on Jun 08, 2016

Monday June 13th - Pedalpalooza singles ride

The Birds and the Bees are stirring and roving, searching for dates, friends, and life partners. Join this bike ride on Monday, June 13th, meeting at 6:30PM to chirp and buzz with other singles, and experience the leaves of soaring trees gracing you with love and the sunset painting the sky with glorious colors while the clouds float away. To come to the ride, you must purchase a free ticket. Only to ticket holders, we will disclose the starting point a day before the ride by email.

by Di on Jun 04, 2016

Scholarships available for bike mechanic training in Oz

An opportunity for aspiring women mechanics in Australia.

by Jessica on Jun 03, 2016

Job Roundup, 6/3/16

Hi - this is a cross-post of messages I regularly send to the Bike Equity Network. These are jobs I come across through my social media and list serve channels and is not meant to represent a comprehensive roundup. 1. JOB: American Trails is hiring an executive director. Redding, CA preferred but not required. 2. The Portland Bureau of Transportation is hiring a Planning Manager. Portland, OR. 3. Downtown on the Go is hiring a Business Outreach Coordinator. Tacoma, WA. 4. MCM is hiring part-time outreach staff for bikeshare outreach to low-income community members. Los Angeles, CA.

by Emily on Jun 01, 2016

Calling All Makers!

Hi everyone! Bicycling is looking for frame builders, apparel makers, embro concocters, artists, chefs, designers, mechanics, mapmakers, route designers, trail builders, and more, to feature in an upcoming issue. If that's you (or someone you know) and you'd like to chat, please email emily [dot] furia [at] rodale [dot] com (or message me through the Switchboard). We are especially interested in speaking with people of color and those who reside outside the East or West Coasts — but all interested makers (of any gender) should feel free to reach out. Thank you!

by Rachel on May 27, 2016

Design and marketing services for active transportation folks

Hi all! My name's Rachel, and I'm graphic designer and digital marketing consultant, and I just wrapped up some big projects and am taking on new clients! Before launching my own business, I worked as a communications manager for bicycle advocacy organizations and am passionate about using bikes as a tool for creating better communities. I'm interested in active transportation issues, intersectional feminism, and public access design. I'm skilled in graphic, publication, and website design; social media strategy; and copywriting. If you're looking for someone who really cares about your mission, in addition to getting the work done, I'd love to work with you. You can visit my website at

by Julie on May 27, 2016

Pedal by Pedal Zine, Extended Deadline

hey there, you wonderful women! due to a few unforeseen circumstances, we're extending the deadline for Pedal by Pedal: Women Over Forty on Bicycles and Life to JUNE 20th. so, if you were planning to submit something, you've got a bit more time. hit me up for more information at thanks everyone for your support! this project is going to be great!! julie

by Anna on May 25, 2016

Hiring: Trail Planner @ Rails to Trails Conservancy

Rails to Trails Conservancy is hiring a trail planner

by Brianne on May 24, 2016

Tandem to Borrow or Rent in Chicago?

Hello! I'm hoping to find a tandem to borrow (or rent!) for any weekend in July. If you have one or know where I could rent one, please let me know! I recently made a new friend who is very visually impaired. She hasn't been on a bike since she was really little (that is, before she lost her vision). I was telling her about my bike adventures and realized that the only way she could experience riding a bike now would be on a tandem, so I'm trying to figure out how to make that happen! Thanks!

by Donna on May 22, 2016

Cycling Women's History Book Project Campaign

Hi everyone! I've just launched a GoFundMe campaign for Cycling Women's History -- a cycling guide that will trace the women's history sites in New York state. The project has the potential to expand to other states, but for the first book, I will focus on New York State. The guide will include profiles of over 30 women, that were part of the women's suffrage movement or made other significant contributions to the empowerment of women and girls. The research so far has been amazing. I have found some really incredible women, and we all know that there are incredible women, everywhere, making a difference. I have created other tours -- 1996 The Peace Tour -- a cross country tour that did service at 10+ peace and environmental organizations across the country. And a tour tracing the Underground Railroad, that we had a group of urban teens on. The bicycle was instrumental in the empowerment of women and continues to be a valuable tool for women and girls. The campaign is to help fund the publishing of a full color guide with a professional graphic designer doing the layout. Some funds will be used for route mapping, route research and development. I welcome ideas, feedback and partnerships. I would love everyone's help in sharing the campaign. I think it will be an exciting project and a resource for women and girls in the future. There is something powerful about being in the place where history happened. You can feel the energy of the women that stood there years and years ago, that dreamed of equality, the right to vote and fought hard for more rights for women. Arriving on bicycle, adds to the learning, the time to see the countryside, reflect on each place visited, interact with the know -- it is great riding a bike!! We will be riding the route this summer. My partner, Ken, and our two daughters. We will be video blogging, posting pictures from the road and sharing our experience of the route. We will be gathering more info for the book and refining the route I have developed so far. Thanks for your support! The idea of the tour was born more than 13 years ago. The idea to make it a book was born right here on Wheelwomen. Much gratitude to you all!

by Kristina on May 20, 2016

Tacoma's TMA is Hiring!

We're hiring a Business Outreach Coordinator to work with an amazing team (of women) who make Downtown On the Go (downtown Tacoma) great! Details on our website.

by Jessica on May 18, 2016

Job Roundup, 5/18/2016

Hi - this is a cross-post of messages I regularly send to the Bike Equity Network. These are jobs I come across through my social media and list serve channels and is not meant to represent a comprehensive roundup. 1. PolicyLink is hiring a Director for their All-In Cities Initiative. Oakland, CA. 2. PolicyLink is also hiring a Program Associate for the Convergence Partnership. Oakland, CA or NYC. 3. Commute Seattle is hiring an ORCA Passport Sales Specialist. Seattle, WA. 4. Portland Community College is hiring a Transportation Manager. Portland, OR.

by Julia on May 17, 2016

Julia offers job in sustainable transportation

Are you interested in part time campaign work for sustainable transportation? Come work with me!

by Kelley on May 16, 2016

Job teaching basic bike mechanic skills

In search of ... a good mechanic (don't need to be a pro) who is interested in 4 hours work every week next school year teaching middle school students how to fix bikes (basic work - nothing complex here). The pay is $20 per hour and the job is 2:30-4:30 Wednesday and Thursdays. It's in Herndon, VA -- a short bike ride from the Wiehle-Reston East Metro station if you're car free. I'd love to have a woman in this position! I will support you from the admin end and can teach how to fix a flat, but I need someone more knowledgeable than I to teach them how to fix brakes, shifters and true wheels. We don't do anything much more complicated than that. You have to be able to pass employment criteria for Fairfax County Public Schools (TB Test, background check). You do not have to be a citizen, but you must be able to work legally. If you're interested, please email me privately. westenhoff at gmail dot com

by lauren on May 15, 2016

women and bike survey

Just saw this and they are looking for as many women to fill out as possible - only takes bout 3-4 minutes . . . have fun! The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals is gathering input on cycling transportation issues, and identifying factors we need to address to encourage more people to cycle more places, more often. Women and girls, please take 6 to 8 minutes to tell your story, and share the link below with others. While APBP definitely appreciates that men and boys may have valuable views about this topic, this survey is by women for women to capture a snapshot in time. Its responses will provide an update and benchmark to APBP's 2010 survey. Deadline: May 19, 2016,

by Eddee on May 13, 2016

Create a great trip to Portland, Oregon

Always wanted a folding bike like Bike Friday World Traveler? I have this great bike available with the traveling suitcase that becomes the trailer once you've arrived and ready to bicycle tour in ? Portland, Germany, California wine country? this is a great bike with brooks saddle and custom black cherry color-folds into the suitcase! $1,500. Contact me please-love to have her go to a new home! Can't ride upright any more-moved to recumbents! Eddee

by Jessica on May 11, 2016

Job Roundup, 5/11/16

1. The City of Oakland is hiring for two positions: a Pedestrian Coordinator and a Transit Coordinator. Oakland, CA. 2. Flint Hills MPO hiring a Transportation Planning Analyst, many duties related to multi-modal transportation & SRTS. Ogden, KS. 2. Trimet is hiring an Outreach Programs and Events Coordinator. Portland, OR.

by Maria on May 11, 2016

People for Bikes is Hiring!

I saw this in the People for Bikes newsletter and thought I would share it here: JOIN THE PEOPLEFORBIKES TEAM: We're looking for a full-time office manager + bookkeeper to be part of our growing Boulder team. Email with your resume and cover letter and learn more about the job here.

by Becky on May 10, 2016

Hiring Bike Camp Instructors

Hello Switchboarders! We're still looking for summer Bike Camp instructors at the Community Cycling Center in Portland. If you or anyone you know loves bikes and kids, please apply! Open until filled.

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