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I am Elly Blue. I started Wheelwomen Switchboard so that members of the community could help each other out.

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by Cat on Nov 02, 2017

Hey gals! Let's have a bike-love chat on the Joyride!

Howdy, Wheelwomen! After some radio silence, I'm looking to start recording new episodes of the Joyride! If you're not familiar, The Joyride Podcast celebrates Women on Bikes! We've got 30 episodes with all kinds of women who ride bikes in some form or fashion. Check out the backlist here: Want to be on the show? Know a gal who you want to hear on the show? Make an introduction here: Questions?! Ideas?! Reply here, or send me a direct message. Forever Forward, ~Cat   

by Arleigh on Nov 09, 2017

What would help you bike more? [Survey for Beginner Cyclists]

I'm working on launching a new biking platform that is focused on getting the "interested but concerned" rider to try biking more. This could also include an avid cyclist when they are visiting a new area. If you have a few moments please take this quick survey!

by Emma on Nov 09, 2017

Bike Travel Scholarship

Explore the world by bicycle. Discover the adventure that awaits you. Inspire others. Whether you are new to bicycle travel or looking to build your outdoor leadership skills, The Greg Siple Award helps young adults get in the saddle and out on the road by providing the skills and the gear needed for a lifetime of bicycle travel adventure. In return, recipients of The Greg Siple Award will perform an outreach activity to promote bicycle travel and share it with the world. The Greg Siple Award, named after Adventure Cycling's cofounder, is open to young adults ages 18 to 30. (Must be 18–30 years old on March 1, 2018.) In its fifth year, The Greg Siple Award was developed in response to Adventure Cycling members' desire to inspire more young people to travel by bicycle. Four Greg Siple Awards (two Intro to Bike Travel awards and two Outdoor Leadership awards) are available in 2018 to support cyclists of varying levels of experience. The 2018 application will open on November 1, 2017, with a deadline of December 31, 2017. Apply now! 

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