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I am Elly Blue. I started Wheelwomen Switchboard so that members of the community could help each other out.

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by Barb on Jul 13, 2017

Splendid Cycles seeks skilled mechanic/sales person

If you've paid your dues working at a busy bikes shop, love helping customers, and know the value of cargo and electric bikes we want to talk with you! We're the winner of the 2016 Interbike Best Urban/Lifestyle Shop award and we're seeking a skilled mechanic to round out our team. If you have 5 years of shop experience, including high-end bike assembly, and ace customer service, take a look at our website( for additional details and get in touch! And, spread the word!

by Alaïa on Jul 02, 2017

seeking MTB shoes, size 40(ish)

Hi all, I've had some great luck swapping gear on here and am going to try again.  To all my lady friends: do you have a gently-used pair of mountain bike shoes you're looking to offload? A pair you bought and then couldn't return, a pair you've upgraded, a pair that don't fit you quite right...? Any of these could find a new home with me! My budget is around $80, and I'm having trouble finding anything for sale at a shop at that price. My road shoes are Giro, size 40, and fit like a dream. I've been monitoring eBay for a few months and haven't found anything decent. Any recommendations for new and/or previously-owned shoes would be appreciated!  P.S. The one catch is that I'm currently based in Italy, so PDX Craigslist is not an option right now... I have contacts in the US though, so shipping isn't a big deal for me.

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