Safe, reasonably direct route from n. portland to vancouver?

Hi everyone, I just recently accepted an amazing job as a graphic designer for a knitting company. The only kicker is that it's in Vancouver, WA, over by I-205. I have access to a car and would probably drive there most of the time, but would like to ride there at least once or twice a week, more if the route was good. I've been looking at bike maps and Ride with GPS routes, but haven't found anything that seems to be pretty safe and reasonably direct (it'll be about 13 miles one way). I ride daily for transportation in Portland and am a confident cyclist. If anyone has a route to the Mill Plain Blvd area of Vancouver they want to share, or any route tips for riding in Washington, or any tips for long commutes, I'd love to hear them. Thanks!
Portland, OR vancouverWAlong commutesafe route


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