“thanks for great suggestions from Madi Carlson, Karen Canady, Barb Chamberlain, & Kathleen DeMaria!”

Alaïa Giglio shared this story on February 28, 2018

seeking Seattle womens' cycling group/rides

“Hi Emily, I don't think the link to the survey came through -- can you add it? Thanks for posting this -- and for doing this work. Elly”

Elly Blue shared this story on February 28, 2017

Bicycling survey on abuse of power in bike racing

“So appreciative of the power of pedaling women, as writers, readers and all around support!  You all rock!”

Julie Brooks shared this story on December 6, 2016

PEDAL BY PEDAL Spread the Zine

“Thanks for asking! Went well. Got some good feedback and good connections for possible collaborations. Thanks for the help”

Donna Price shared this story on April 29, 2016

I need your feedback

“This was a hugely successful event! I hope some of you were able to make it! We had more than 250 people participate.”

“Hey wonderful women! The response to my recent post about the new zine we're co-creating, Pedal by Pedal, has been lovely! Thanks everyone for your enthusiasm and support!!”

Julie Brooks shared this story on April 7, 2016

New zine for women over 40

“Women responded to my posting and I made some great connections with other women cyclists. ”

Nicole Adamson shared this story on January 12, 2016

All Women's Cycling Event in Whitefish, MT

“I really appreciated all of the awesomely helpful responses.”

Amy Love shared this story on July 24, 2015

Flat Tires on Bicycles

“Thanks so much -- I am in Portland and am amazed and inspired by the bicycle culture and facilities that I have seen so far.

“Thanks for the input, ladies!”

Alaïa Giglio shared this story on July 15, 2015

seeking PDX womens' cycling group/rides

“Holy crap, we made it! Thanks to the Wheelwomen who backed this and helped spread the word. The final home for the book is here: http://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/books/5739/

“I had a tough question and got two great, differing, thought-provoking answers.”

Liza Burkin shared this story on July 8, 2015

International Planning Programs?

“I found the answer to my question. Thanks!”

“Whew -- one year and one month after this campaign was successfully funded, the book has come back from the printer and all backer and contributor copies are in the mail. Here's the link for the book in case you'd like to nab a copy yourself: http://microcosmpublishing.com/catalog/books/3740/
Thanks, Wheelwomen! So many of you poured your hearts into this project.”

“An inspiring and hard-working woman was hired! ”

“Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word about the Bicycle Wrap Skirt - our Kickstarter ended last week and we were fully funded (by 200%). We're so excited to be moving into production this summer and developing three new styles!! Thank you! :)”

“ The tour ended yesterday -- it was an amazing experience, and fantastic to meet so many of you. Thank you! (Also, if you live in CA, NM, AZ, or OR and want to host us next year, look me up!) ”

Elly Blue shared this story on May 30, 2015

Come to the Dinner and Bikes 2015 tour!

“ Got my bike and love it! Thanks especially to Lisa C., Lisa H., Sheri R., and Ellie Blue.  ”

“ The advice shared in response to this post is making our trip planning much easier! Thank you! ”

epiphany couch shared this story on April 20, 2015

Vancouver Island Bike Tour

“ I had a great experience visiting and biking in LA. Using Spinlister, I found a sweet single-speed bike perfect for cruising all over the city. The man who rented the bike actually works with the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition and helped connect me with other people working in bicycle advocacy and urban planning in LA! It was great to meet a friendly/awesome bike advocate immediately upon my arrival to LA. I rode around Santa Monica, out to Venice, all over Westwood and through UCLA's campus, and over to Downtown and Koreatown. I was even able to meet up with a fellow Wheel Woman for a tour around downtown LA! ”